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April 22, 2018

Food and Chemical Toxicology

On October 26, 2015, IARC published a summary of their findings regarding the association of cancer with consumption of red meat or processed meat, citing mechanistic evidence for multiple meat components by which ingestion of red meat could be linked to human colorectal cancer. A recent review of the topic by ChromaDex Spherix Consulting applies the accepted principals of risk assessment to evaluate mechanistic evidence for heme as a contributor to colon cancer. The application of this methodology is critical to more fully understanding the role of a dietary component in our health. It is critical to remember that hazard is defined as intrinsic toxicity whereas risk is the probability of manifesting that hazard under the conditions of the exposure. The evaluation of methodologies employed in current studies of heme have not provided sufficient documentation that the mechanisms studied would contribute to an increased risk of promotion of preneoplasia or colon cancer at usual dietary intakes of red meat in the context of a normal diet.

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