Chemical Properties

Chemical Formula: C15H10O7

Formula Weight: 302.24

Chemical Family: Flavonoids

Grade: P

CAS: 117-39-5

Appearance: Yellow powder

Melting Point: 302-304°C

Long Term Storage: RT

Purity: 93.4 / 97.3

Solubility: N/A


QUERCETIN(P) (Compendial Traceable) - 1g

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Shipping Conditions: Room Temperature
Tariff Code: Sch B# 3822.00.0002 (CN,CH,AU:HTS# 3822.00.60.00)

Botanical Name: N/A
Merck Index: 148,034
BRN: 317313
Used for: N/A
EINECS (EC#): 204-187-1
NSC: 9219
Beilstein: N/A

RTECS: LK8750000
Safety Phrase: 45
GHSPictograms: N/A
Risk Phrase: 25
Safety Notes: Toxic
Hazard Statements: N/A
Signal Word: DANGER
Precautionary Statements: N/A

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Quercetin has no confirmed health benefits but is being researched for antiviral, anticancer, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Certificates Of Analysis

Safety Data Sheet
QUERCETIN(P) (Compendial Traceable) - 1g