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Chemical Properties

Chemical Formula: C44H70O23

Formula Weight: 967.01

Chemical Family: Diterpene glycosides

Grade: P

CAS: 58543-16-1

Appearance: White powder

Melting Point: N/A

Long Term Storage: +4C

Purity: 95.5

Solubility: N/A


REBAUDIOSIDE A(Rebiana)(P) - 10mg

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Shipping Conditions: Room Temperature
Tariff Code: Sch B# 3822.00.0002 (CN,CH,AU:HTS# 3822.00.60.00)

Botanical Name: N/A
Merck Index: N/A
Used for: Stevia rebaudiana
EINECS (EC#): 611-696-6
Beilstein: N/A

RTECS: NZ8174800
Safety Phrase: N/A
GHSPictograms: N/A
Risk Phrase: N/A
Safety Notes: N/A
Hazard Statements: N/A
Signal Word: N/A
Precautionary Statements: N/A

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Rebaudioside A is used in sweeteners. It is the least bitter of the steviol glycosides found in the stevia plant.

Certificates Of Analysis

Safety Data Sheet

Steviol glycosides are extracted from the leaves of the plant species Stevia rebaudiana, they are the natural constituents that are used as sweeteners in foods and beverages. Some of the more common steviol glycosides include Stevioside and Rebaudioside A1.

1.         Shin, Dong Hee et al. Glycemic Effects of Rebaudioside A and Erythritol in People with Glucose Intolerance. Diabetes & metabolism journal vol. 40,4 (2016): 283-9. doi:10.4093/dmj.2016.40.4.283.