Product Info

1. What does the different product grades mean?

ChromaDex offers three different product grades to suit your technical and budgetary needs. These product grades are differentiated by the level of characterization and testing performed and reported on the certificate of analysis.

Chemical Reference Standard Grades

Botanical Reference Material Grades

2. What should I do if I received an empty vial?

ChromaDex® reference standards are supplied in small quantities that are in the form of powder, crystal, liquid, or oily form. The vials containing the small quantities may visually seem empty. We recommend performing the proper recovery and dilution procedures (Click Here) to confirm the substance in the vial.

If the HPLC analysis does not pertain the peak of interest, please contact our office at 949-419- 0288 or email sales@chromadex.com.

3. How should the reference standard be stored?

All ChromaDex products are assigned specific storage conditions, which can be found on the label, certificate of analysis or on our website. The storage conditions are set forth to ensure the quality and stability of our products. Please note shipping conditions and long term storage conditions may differ. For more info click here.

4. Does ChromaDex overfill each unit of product?

ChromaDex overfills each unit of product by up to 0.2mg. This typically means that a 5mg unit may contain between 5.0 and 5.2mg of product; a 10mg unit contains between 10.0 and 10.2mg of material. Products sold by volume are overfilled by 0.1mL.

5. Can we request for an exact weight of the standard in the vial?

ChnewromaDex does not supply an exact weight value for each unit of reference standard on routine orders due to the potential material loss in transferring by end user.

For special projects, ChromaDex can supply exact weights per vial when requested by our clients. An additional fee may apply in such cases and we have the ability to weigh to X.Xmg. Please contact your ChromaDex sales representative for more information if this service would be useful for you.

6. How do I return a product that I mistakenly purchased?

ChromaDex has a strong commitment to issuing reference materials of highest quality, but also to the satisfaction of our customers. We understand there are times when a product may need to be returned. Please review our return instructions here or contact your ChromaDex sales representative for more information.

7. Does ChromaDex offer libraries?

Yes! ChromaDex Natural Product libraries provide advantages over traditional libraries. We have built an extensive collection of phytochemical compounds as well as authenticated plant materials, many of which are unique to our catalog. Custom compound libraries are available here.

Please review contact your ChromaDex sales representative for more information.

8. What is the difference between your compounds and the KITs?

Kits are comprised of compounds that are routinely ordered together at a discounted rate and used for ease of purchasing.

9. Do you offer bulk pricing or customized standards?

If you have a need for any of our compounds in larger quantities, we do offer special pricing. Please email us at sales@chromadex.com for more info. If you are looking for a custom standard not found on our website please fill out the form (http://chromadex-sb.production.netsuitestaging.com/custom-inquiry)

10. How do I find the solubility info for my purchased standard?

We would advise referring to Certificate of Analysis for additional information. The solvent we recommend is usually found in the Analytical Conditions section (AS or P grade only) in the Injection concentration which will tell you the solvent used. We can not comment on any other solvents since there were not used in our method for analysis. You can always refer to external methods such as MERCK index or PUBCHEM for additional insight on potential solubility for other solvents. However, we do not guarantee external sources statements on solubility.

Ordering & Website

11. How may I request for a catalog, safety data sheet, Certificate of Analysis, order status, or update account information?

Catalog Click here

CoA/SDS Click here

12. How much is the shipping cost?

ChromaDex uses UPS for Domestic shipping & charges are dependent on the product’s storage condition, destination and shipping speed (Ground, 2Day or Next Day Air). ChromaDex’s International carrier is DHL and charges will vary by country. ChromaDex also allows you to use your own shipping account if that is your preferred method (UPS, Fed Ex or DHL). Taxes and fees may apply. The entire order; if it is shipped as a complete, unit will ship with the lowest temperature in mind. To get an estimate, you can add products and go thru the check out to see what the potential shipping charges are based on your order.

13. How do I set up an online account?

Follow this link

14. Do you have a minimum order requirement? What fees are associated?

ChromaDex has an order minimum of $100.00 USD. Orders that does not meet the minimum will have an associated $40.00 administration fee.

15. Is your facility ISO certified?

ChromaDex is currently ISO 17034 & 17025 accredited. Please click here for our accreditation scope and more information.

16. How do I locate my tracking number?

The tracking number can be located on the invoice you have received via email or in your My Account section under the Purchase History Section. in the tracking # section. If you are unable to locate please email at CustomerSVC@chromadex.com . We ship UPS for domestic order and DHL internationally unless you have requested to use your shipping account with a specific carrier. Special shipping carrier would be indicated in the comments section of your order & invoice.

17. What are the lead times for products that are out of stock?

This can vary by product and where we are in the production stage of our compounds. You can inquire with your sales representative.