Lab Essentials

Over the years, ChromaDex has provided many research organizations with the finest quality reference and botanical standards. As such, we have always wanted to help our valued partners by also providing them with basic lab essentials to make their ordering process easier. We are happy to introduce and add spatulas, weighing papers, test tube racks, and transport boxes to our line of products with many more products on the horizon. Below is a glance at some of these products that we wanted to share with you, our dear scientists.


Transfer, lift, and handle powders and granular materials.

  • Made from nickel-plated, stainless-steel wire
  • Autoclavable
SKU #DescriptionUOMList Price
ASB-00070000-000Spatula - Flat 1.2" ; Spoon 0.5 " X 0.2", Glazed Finished, 6"Each$9.00
ASB-00070001-000Spatula - Round Flat 2" X 0.3" ; Tapered 1.8 " X 0.3", Mirror Finished, 7.7"Each$9.00
ASB-00070002-000Spatula - Flat 2" ; Spoon 1.5 " X 0.6", Mirror Finished, 8.9"Each$9.00

Weighing Papers

Nitrogen-free for a very smooth surface and good sample recovery

  • Strong enough to support dense material
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • 500/pk
SKU #DescriptionUOMList Price
ASB-00070003-000Weighing Papers - Nitrogen Free 3" X 3"
ASB-00070004-000Weighing Paper - Nitrogen Free 4" X 4"
ASB-00070005-000Weighing Paper - Nitrogen Free 6" X 6"

Sample Transport Box/Tote

Sample transport tote is a durable, waterproof, leak-proof container that is easy to load, securely locks and is ready for transport of:

  • Sensitive research samples
  • Reference or Botanical samples
  • Laboratory instruments
SKU #DescriptionUOMList Price
ASB-00070009-000Sample Transport Tote BleuEach$99.00

Tube Rack, Half Size

Tube Rack are tough and highly resistant to acids, bases, solvents and heat. They are molded in a single, continuous piece—no assembly required and no detachable pieces.

  • Have molded coordinates for tube orientation
  • Stable design for use in water baths
  • Flat labeling area for easier identification
  • Unique tear drop shaped openings for better retention of tubes
  • Offers the highest chemical and heat resistance (-40 to +121°C)
  • Autoclavable

SKU #DescriptionUOMList Price
ASB-00070010-000Half-Size Rack POM 4.1 x 4.1 x 2.3 for 13 mm Tubes
ASB-00070011-000Half-Size Rack POM 4.1 x 4.1 x 2.3 for 16 mm Tubes